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Winter Solstice 2010 Set - ZX81

My set from winter solstice - variable bit rate MP3 - sorry you can't play it with the flash player - it doesn't like VBR :(

84.62 MB

Winter Solstice 2010

Will be uploading my set soon :) other stuff coming soon too :)

Lost access


I lost access for a bit there :)

All good, back in now with a different URL.

Starting to get some music together for Winter Solstice party.

Looking forward to it.

Sunrise over the point

Sunrise over the point

Morning sun above St Kilda beach from the deck of the new house in the morning - duh as if sunrise is at any other time than morning :-)

Morning at new house

Morning at new house

Obviously it's winter at the moment so the sun is on an angle - hanging out for summer!   This is the view from the deck of my new house out over St Clair and St Kilda beach

New house, new studio

New house, new studio

Moved into a new house about a week ago - hence a new studio

Solstice Coming Up

Love it!

Am digging the website! And I love the tracks you've posted up - some of which I heard live of course!


Seein that pic of an outdoor gig brings it all back…


Will spread the word on yo amazin sounds dude! x

New BuzzTracker

New BuzzTracker


Oskari found the source code from 6 months before he lost it and has started rebuilding buzztracker - some awesome awesome changes. Really worth checking out!

Back to BuzzTracker

Machine View in BuzzTracker

Well, I've run just about every music creation tool.  Reason, Cubase, Orion, WaveLab, Ableton Live, Rebirth, RubberDuck, most VST plugins, ProTools, Logic, Saidie (sp?) to name a few.

But I think the one closest aligned to my personality and way of thinking is Jeskola BuzzTracker.

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