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Audio by genre trance

Infection by ZX81

One of my fav tracks - kinda sharp but melodic at the same time. 150 Beats per minute. Enjoy :)
5:22 minutes (10.28 MB)

Old man by ZX81

A slower one (well still 150bpm) starts with a zb talkback snippet of some old guy complaining about the cricket
4:54 minutes (9.1 MB)

Slow start by ZX81

This one is normally at the beginning of my set so that I have a bit of time to set up my live gear before I get started.
8:59 minutes (18.05 MB)

Talk to me by ZX81

This is another of my favourites - again 150bpm (surprise surprise). This one was written in Hindon (middle of nowhere in central Otago). Basically I took my studio out there and set up with everything I needed to be left alone for a couple of weeks - best way to make music!
5:45 minutes (10.79 MB)