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Winter Solstice 2010

Will be uploading my set soon :) other stuff coming soon too :)

Lost access


I lost access for a bit there :)

All good, back in now with a different URL.

Starting to get some music together for Winter Solstice party.

Looking forward to it.

Solstice Coming Up

Love it!

Am digging the website! And I love the tracks you've posted up - some of which I heard live of course!


Seein that pic of an outdoor gig brings it all back…


Will spread the word on yo amazin sounds dude! x

Back to BuzzTracker

Machine View in BuzzTracker

Well, I've run just about every music creation tool.  Reason, Cubase, Orion, WaveLab, Ableton Live, Rebirth, RubberDuck, most VST plugins, ProTools, Logic, Saidie (sp?) to name a few.

But I think the one closest aligned to my personality and way of thinking is Jeskola BuzzTracker.

33 Degrees Celsius

Wow! 33 degress in Dunedin and I'm starting to prepare for mid winter solstice set!  Kinda hard to imagine low temperatures at the moment!

I've decided to play twice a year - unless something else good comes up.  It takes so so much effort to pack down the studio, drive it and set it all up for a one hour set, followed by packing it down again.

At least this way I can guarantee every set will be fresh and full of energy!

Songs from New Years' Set Uploaded

I've uploaded the majority of the songs from my New Years set.  Bear in mind they're unmastered as I was running the mastering live as a plugin - an they're missing keyboard/gated sounds which I played live :)

You can download them here.

New URL!

Finally managed to get a URL for the site, so it's now

Cool huh? :)

Awesome New Years

New Years was absolutely perfect!

Set went well, everything proceeded as hoped and to top it all off I had a great time!

Am now in Nelson for a few days before going kayaking around the Abel Tasman.

Will upload some photos soon, but the 3G connection here is a little slow :)

New Flight Case

Well, I leave tomorrow night.

I've just bought a new 8U flight case.  This means that I'll be able to have everything pretty much set up, and just need to connect the keyboards, laptop and outputs.

Basically I took my tracks from Reason into Ableton Live.  This gives me the midi tempo grid because all of the tracks were recorded using ReWire.

I tried Tom Cosm's method of mixing down into groups, but I couldn't get my 5400rpm drive to keep up when mixing between two songs.

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