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Another super cold day in Dunedin

Woke this morning in the grip of an extreme cold snap - at least that's the way it feels!

I have disassembled my lounge based studio and moved it through to my actual studio.  I now have everything set back up in the ideal layout - keyboards, synthesisers and effects to the right, laptop centre and mixing desk to the left.

Will try over the next few days to get some of the other artists playing at Canaan Downs onto the web. Not sure how much luck I'll have getting denovo online - seeing as he tends to prefer not to self publicize.

Good night out

Went out last night to celebrate a friend's graduation and got home at 6 this morning.

Ended up at Bath Street dancing to what seemed like 200bpm drum and bass. A good night and a great DJ with some pretty nice songs. I love the hard edges and distorted drum loops that epitomises the drum and bass genre.

Main Stage Sets Confirmed

So, we've been confirmed. Denovo and I have both been given pretty good sets, although we wanted to swap times - I was given 11:30am (second to last) and he was given dawn. I prefer playing at 3-3:30am and he would much prefer to close off the party. So for the moment we've swapped - he's doing 11:30 and I'm doing 5:30, but have put in a request to move closer to 3. We'll see - hopefully it will go well, but at least we're confirmed and have been given respectable times on the main stage.

Licence of songs

Hey, just wanted to make it clear. You can use the tracks for whatever you like (seriously) as long as you include attribution containing: This song was written by Matt Riddell (AKA ZX81). See for more information.

A little more explanation of why I'm not charging anything:

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