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Tree - time to go to sleep :)

Tree - time to go to sleep :)

Another shot from abel tasman hiking/kayaking

Another shot from abel tasman hiking/kayaking

Beautiful fresh water stream by the beach

33 Degrees Celsius

Wow! 33 degress in Dunedin and I'm starting to prepare for mid winter solstice set!  Kinda hard to imagine low temperatures at the moment!

I've decided to play twice a year - unless something else good comes up.  It takes so so much effort to pack down the studio, drive it and set it all up for a one hour set, followed by packing it down again.

At least this way I can guarantee every set will be fresh and full of energy!

Songs from New Years' Set Uploaded

I've uploaded the majority of the songs from my New Years set.  Bear in mind they're unmastered as I was running the mastering live as a plugin - an they're missing keyboard/gated sounds which I played live :)

You can download them here.

Map by ZX81

This was the first song written using a new method (which I ended up carrying throughout the set) of mapping out a song with the time set then filling in the detail - it was a strange way to work, not sure I'm 100% keen on it - but will see.  This is actually my favourite song - I wasn't sure I'd be able to play it because I thought it might be a bit cheesy after the breakdown, but it was fine - there were songs that were a hell of a lot cheesier! :)

9.01 MB

Noise by ZX81

Heh, called noise 'cos it starts with me playing around with the noise generators in the thor instrument.  This one really went off, it gets pretty intense but people enjoyed it :)

9.14 MB

DR Start by ZX81

This is kinda interesting, most of the beginning of this song was actually obscured by the mix, so even if you were at my set you would have missed this one.  My favourite thing about this song is probably the reverse bass which has different reverse attack times and of course the texture created. :)

7.38 MB

NewSite by ZX81

This song builds up quite a bit more - not sure that I actually like this one as much as NewBass, but it played well.

6.48 MB

NewBass by ZX81

This one is an understated 150bpm - I mean all of them are around 150, but this seems slower - probably 'cos it effectively starts off at 75bpm :)

7.75 MB

Restart by ZX81

This was the first song of my set for new year's.  It's unmastered as I was running mastering live in Ableton Live.

It was actually written pretty late in the buildup as it was written as a replacement for a song I couldn't get going.

8 MB
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