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New URL!

Finally managed to get a URL for the site, so it's now

Cool huh? :)

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman

Canaan Downs Photo 2

Canaan Downs Photo 2

Canaan Downs Photo 1

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Canaan Downs Photo 1

Awesome New Years

New Years was absolutely perfect!

Set went well, everything proceeded as hoped and to top it all off I had a great time!

Am now in Nelson for a few days before going kayaking around the Abel Tasman.

Will upload some photos soon, but the 3G connection here is a little slow :)

New Flight Case

Well, I leave tomorrow night.

I've just bought a new 8U flight case.  This means that I'll be able to have everything pretty much set up, and just need to connect the keyboards, laptop and outputs.

Basically I took my tracks from Reason into Ableton Live.  This gives me the midi tempo grid because all of the tracks were recorded using ReWire.

I tried Tom Cosm's method of mixing down into groups, but I couldn't get my 5400rpm drive to keep up when mixing between two songs.

December Room

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December Room

Well, it's a few days till I leave for Canaan, and my music room is starting to look a little insane.  I ended up mixing my set in Ableton, and then using it to send out midi sync to all my gear.  Am so so looking forward to playing - not long now!

Less than a month to go till New Years!

So, really not much time left!  In one month's time I will have already played my set!

I've got the songs I want to play, they're the right length, but a few of them need a bit of work.

I did a quick master of a song last night to compare it to older songs I'd mastered and the new ones are 100000000 times better.  This creates a bit of a problem in that I won't be able to play some of my older songs - they just don't match up and I only have mastered version.

In Bed Sick

I've been in bed sick for the past few days, and during that time have read the original Robinson Crusoe from Google Books.

Snow in November!

Somewhat unbelievably it's snowing in Dunedin today!

And only one day after I commented on how warm its been :-)

Last night I worked on some 8t (3/4) music and to tell you the truth didn't get too far. I'll have another go at it tonight and see how far I get :)

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