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Getting close to New Years!

We're starting to get pretty close to New Years!

I've got quite a few songs coming along, but am having a bit of trouble bringing them to an end.

It's much more fun working on new stuff, and I normally only make it 2/3rds of the way through writing a song.

Will keep up with the inspiration based stuff (October was awesome for warm sunny days) and will shift to finishing off songs in a couple of weeks. Then to start thinking about order etc.

In Nelson for a few days

I drove up to Nelson yesterday afternoon.  It was amazing.  Don't think I've ever driven through the Lewis pass while its been snowing!

Arrived in Nelson around 9:30pm last night, and awoke to a beautifully sunny day.

It's been warm and sunny all day with blue sky and not much in the way of wind.


Long week finally over!

Well, I made it to the end of the week and have now broached the bounds of the weekend :-)

The week was filled with excess hours of work, peppered with moments of music making, and interspersed with some development work on a new FaceBook application for the Canaan Downs Festival.  The app is not yet 100% finished - I need to get some more pictures etc, but will post the URL once done.

I'm really really looking forward to the festival, it's going to be awesome!

My room

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My room

Look!  You can see the floor now!

Favourite tool in front left (soldering iron).

Slowly starting to get things cleaned up while I work towards New Years - still quite a bit of stuff to move in, but have the bare essentials in there now.

Tracks coming along

I'm pretty close to finished initial writing of on one of the new tracks that I've been writing.

I'll upload it once done, and update it if I decide to use it.

I'm writing tracks at around 150 rather than a slower speed because it makes it heaps easier for me to get into the tracks.

I figure I can always just play the tracks at a slower speed when performing them if I want.  For the last couple of years I've been writing tracks at 142, and 80-100.  Even at 142 I can't really get into the track while writing it.

Sun shining in Dunedin this morning

Finally the sun has decided to make an appearance.

I've emailed a couple of the people from the Canaan Downs festival and offered my help doing sound, packing down and digging toilets. Not sure whether they'll need anyone digging toilets as they may be using portaloos.

I was a little put off by playing late, but had a good discussion with Forbes last night combined with a review of some of my tracks.  I'm about halfway through 5 tracks now and hope to have about 30-40 written to chose between for my one hour set.

Swapped sets

Forbes and I have swapped back to our original times. I will do 11:30 on the last day and Forbes will do the dawn set.

Will actually probably go well with some of the stuff I've been writing in the past few days.  Am totally looking forward to it.

Background music for the day

I've been listening to a psy radio all day today and have only turned it off for phone calls:

What genre is that?!

Heh reading through a forum I came across a site that endeavours to explain the various genres of electronic music.

They've put quite a bit of work into it and its quite funny:

Another super cold day in Dunedin

Woke this morning in the grip of an extreme cold snap - at least that's the way it feels!

I have disassembled my lounge based studio and moved it through to my actual studio.  I now have everything set back up in the ideal layout - keyboards, synthesisers and effects to the right, laptop centre and mixing desk to the left.

Will try over the next few days to get some of the other artists playing at Canaan Downs onto the web. Not sure how much luck I'll have getting denovo online - seeing as he tends to prefer not to self publicize.

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