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About ZX81


ZX81 was born as Matthew Scott Riddell in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1977 and currently resides in Dunedin New Zealand as Matt.

His music has varied over the years.

He started playing guitar around the age of 7, and played various other instruments including drums and piano.

He played in many different types of bands, starting with covers, then playing in various punk bands including Power Chuck.

Once arriving in London at the age of 16, he was introduced to underground hardcore parties and spent every weekend (and occasionally the week)  at illegal raves located in and around London.

He played at various underground parties mainly using hardware with midi sync to precreated tracks written with mod trackers.

After a while he moved to using Rebirth and Buzztracker. Buzztracker provided all of the tools to create sounds and worked in much the same way as the trackers Matt was used to.

Initial mastering was all done with Wavelab, although once Cubase received audio capabilities, everything was premixed using Cubase.

Matt RiddellMatt is the CTO of VentureVoIP, a Dunedin based Internet Telephony and PABX company.

Matt has played at and organised many parties around New Zealand including Tribal Rising, Visionz, the Gathering, Full Circle and the occasional Eudaemony solstice party in Dunedin.

His music tends to be quite fast (normally around 150bpm), but is interlaced with slower components which allow people to dance at half speed if preferred.  Arpegiations, 303esq sounds, large chord structures and a powerful bass component epitomise his songs.