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Sun shining in Dunedin this morning

Finally the sun has decided to make an appearance.

I've emailed a couple of the people from the Canaan Downs festival and offered my help doing sound, packing down and digging toilets. Not sure whether they'll need anyone digging toilets as they may be using portaloos.

I was a little put off by playing late, but had a good discussion with Forbes last night combined with a review of some of my tracks.  I'm about halfway through 5 tracks now and hope to have about 30-40 written to chose between for my one hour set.

If the lineup does end up being ecophonik, me, cosm, then I would actually form a nice bridge between the acts before and after me - even though I would normally play at around 3am.

Anyway, all good, just looking forward to it and want to help to make it the best party possible.

It can often be quite difficult being at the other end of set organising, so I'm more than happy to do what I can to reduce stress levels :)