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Tracks coming along

I'm pretty close to finished initial writing of on one of the new tracks that I've been writing.

I'll upload it once done, and update it if I decide to use it.

I'm writing tracks at around 150 rather than a slower speed because it makes it heaps easier for me to get into the tracks.

I figure I can always just play the tracks at a slower speed when performing them if I want.  For the last couple of years I've been writing tracks at 142, and 80-100.  Even at 142 I can't really get into the track while writing it.

Am going to help out with a zone at Canaan Downs.

I didn't go to last year's one and really felt I missed out.  Canaan Downs is one of my favourite spots, and I've always come prepared. I've been dry when it was wet, warm when it was cold, and cool when it was hot.

Its not that I don't like the other spots in the region. The Visionz site was wonderful to wake up to, watch the main stage with the sea as a backdrop.

I liked the Gathering/Full Cirle site at the end of the valley, but it was too far to walk from camping initially and a bit rained out the next.

I really love the Canaan Downs site though. There is something almost magical about it.