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Getting close to New Years!

We're starting to get pretty close to New Years!

I've got quite a few songs coming along, but am having a bit of trouble bringing them to an end.

It's much more fun working on new stuff, and I normally only make it 2/3rds of the way through writing a song.

Will keep up with the inspiration based stuff (October was awesome for warm sunny days) and will shift to finishing off songs in a couple of weeks. Then to start thinking about order etc.

I guess the main thing that is making it hard is that I'm used to writing songs for night time (3am-ish) and so writing them for a daytime set is kindof a mission.

I've got a few that really suit that time slot (9:30am) but I tend to wander into nighttime territory.

Anyway, off to work on a new song now :)