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New Flight Case

Well, I leave tomorrow night.

I've just bought a new 8U flight case.  This means that I'll be able to have everything pretty much set up, and just need to connect the keyboards, laptop and outputs.

Basically I took my tracks from Reason into Ableton Live.  This gives me the midi tempo grid because all of the tracks were recorded using ReWire.

I tried Tom Cosm's method of mixing down into groups, but I couldn't get my 5400rpm drive to keep up when mixing between two songs.

Anyway, so then I've chucked mastering plugins over the main outs (multiband compressors, limiters, tube, spectral enhancement).

In addition to this I run a midi track which is sending a rhythmical element to all midi outputs.

This goes to the eMagic MT4 midi out, which sends it to the Roland MC-303 and Freebass. These are actually only use as trigger though.  The outputs are sent to the sidechain inputs on a hardware gate/compressor.

The keyboards plug in through the main inputs and are therefore gated in response to the midi notes.  This means I can play chords and they'll be gated in time with the music.

The keyboards actually go through a 24 band EQ as well before going to the mixer as they need to sit in a particular place in the mix.  First there's the Yamaha DX7 (which can be quite bassy but not if you stay away from the lower notes) and then the Korg M1, which although beautiful sounding on its own, spans way too much of the frequency spectrum when in a mix.

So, once the channels all get to the mixer, there are three sets of effects available.  One ping pong delay which has its returns sent back to a channel so I can control feedback by sending to the same aux.

The second and third share the same aux send, but are brought back to different channels, and are normally set up for delay (different time to 1st one) and phaser.

Everything then passes through another EQ before heading out.  The final EQ though can be swapped to aux 1 (the one I can feed back to itself) so that I can create pitched feedback in a delay ring.

The great thing is, with the new flight case I can have all this set up, and all I have to do is take off the front and back and I'm pretty much done!