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Licence of songs

Hey, just wanted to make it clear. You can use the tracks for whatever you like (seriously) as long as you include attribution containing: This song was written by Matt Riddell (AKA ZX81). See for more information.

A little more explanation of why I'm not charging anything:

I work hugely long hours on my company  This pays my bills and yet requires most of my time.  I've been making music now for about 20 years and have gone through various stages.  I started playing death metal, rock, punk lead guitar and singing, moved to busking, then to hardcore industrial, followed by techno, and ended up where I am now - psytrance.  I actually also write in two other genres; dnb and classical.  Classical I don't release (still 10 years away from that) and dnb is kinda dnb/triphop with my sister singing and released as Positroniks.  I haven't played a Positroniks set for a couple of years but will hopefully play one 2009/2010.

So, basically I make my money from computers and my music is my expression - I already receive recompense for it by maintaining my sanity - if someone else enjoys it then I have received recompense for it twice!

I do like to hear what people think of my music - and I do like to see people visit my site so yeah - attribution gets people to visit - which means more people hear the music - which means more recompense :)