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Good night out

Went out last night to celebrate a friend's graduation and got home at 6 this morning.

Ended up at Bath Street dancing to what seemed like 200bpm drum and bass. A good night and a great DJ with some pretty nice songs. I love the hard edges and distorted drum loops that epitomises the drum and bass genre.

I'm thinking that it would be nice to combine with some smooth (triangle or sine) based trance. Obviously the crunch would have to be low in volume, and it would need to mesh well. Normally when I add drum and bass drum loops I remove the lower half of the frequency range so that the pieces fit together, although doing so removes any power the original loop had.

The problem is, if you don't do this you end up with a four/four kick getting somewhat lost, and you lose the ability to put in four/four offbeat bass. Maybe what I'll try is taking the kick out and replacing it with a nice round trancy kick but retaining the same timing. That way I can blend seamlessly from the dnb to four on the floor.


Will update